Saltway Day Nursery was inspected by a government appointed inspector on 30th May 2017. Shortly after that the 

nursery, which had previously been managed as a partnership, was reformed as a Ltd company. No change was made to the administration, management or location of the nursery itself. It continues to operate exactly as before.

However, Ofsted decided this change meant that the old Saltway Day Nursery had ceased to exist and a new nursery had been established and has therefore deleted all our old inspection records. Ofsted visited in September 2017 and completed their new day nursery competence inspection (not full inspection) authorising Saltway Day Nursery Ltd to operate.

Until Saltway Day Nursery Ltd receives it's first full Ofsted inspection, you may be interested in the main findings of the inspection that was conducted on 30th May 2017. 

Main findings of the report: This provision is Good


  • The provider and managers are effective leaders. They work together well to review the provision and make improvements. This has a positive impact on children's progress and well-being.


  • Staff build strong partnerships with parents. They use a wide range of strategies to encourage parents to be involved in their children's learning and the running of the nursery. Parents and staff all work together to further each child's learning.


  • Staff assess their progress accurately and use these assessments well to plan experiences that help children build on what they already know. Staff are skilled at helping children enjoy their learning and develop new skills.


  • Children behave well for their age. They are kind and considerate to each other and show great courtesy when speaking to staff or visitors.


  • Staff successfully promote an interest in a healthy lifestyle. Children thoroughly enjoy exploring the exciting outdoor space and eating the home-cooked meals.