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Saltway Day Nursery was inspected by a government appointed inspector on 12th November 2019. 

This has been Saltway Day Nursery Ltd’s first full Ofsted inspection. If you wish to see reports from before the Nursery became a Ltd company go to then click on “Saltway Day Nursery CLOSED”, our previous inspection reports are there.


Our 2019 report says:

What it is like to attend this early years setting?

The Provision is good.

  • Children clearly enjoy attending this warm and welcoming nursery. The nursery provides a colourful, stimulating and motivating learning environment for children to learn and develop. Staff recognise and praise children’s efforts and achievements. This helps them to grow in confidence and feel emotionally secure.


  • Children learn to be independent from an early age. Staff support babies to feed themselves and encourage older children to manage their own self-care needs. Children grow in independence and take good levels of responsibility for managing aspects of their own play and learning. They are well prepared for the next stage of their education.


  • Children behave well. Staff encourage children to share and take turns and this helps them to develop good personal skills. Children learn to manage their own safety, for example, when they take supervised risks climbing on trees and equipment outside.


  • Staff encourage children from a young age to develop a real interest in books. Toddlers select board books independently, turn pages and point at the pictures. Staff make books available for children to take home and enjoy with their family, cultivating children’s early love of reading.


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